Friday, August 19, 2016


By David Lemon
Edition of 15
Pre-Release Price $14,500
25 Inches Tall by 15 inches Wide

The Protector, who's real name was, Stone Eyes, was born into a prominent family, his older brother Grizzly Hump, who took their father's name was chief of Biters band of Siksikas (Black Foot Tribe) for which they belonged to. The name Siksik√° comes from the Blackfoot words sik (black) and ik√° (foot). As a teenager and young warrior Stone Eyes had not performed any great deeds worthy of recognition until his brother lent him an amulet said to have spiritual powers made from a mirror decorated with eagle feathers, ermine skins, and magpie feathers. Stone Eyes was successful during his first ever raid as a warrior, gaining himself two enemy horses which he captured and gifted to his brother, Grizzly Hump. Similar success during following expeditions resulted in Grizzly Hump giving Stone Eyes the amulet as a gift. Word of Stone Eye's success spread throughout the Biters band and many referred to him as the "young chief" before he earned or was appointed any leadership position in the band. During the Autumn of 1871 chief Grizzly Hump, the chief of the Biters band of the Siksika nation and brother of Stone Eyes died resulting in Stone Eyes being appointed as chief of the biters. During his career as a band chief he was noted for his kindness, generosity and intelligence. When Stone Eyes was among his band, his men were invited to eat, smoke, tell stories every day. He was generous. He gave his running horses out during hunts. Stone Eyes had four wives; two put up Sun Dances. He was kind to children and women. —-Descendent of Running Rabbit Due to his intelligence and kindness, Stone Eyes was often looked upon to settle disputes within the band and nation. One incident happened during the early 1870s along the Old man River where a man from the biters band accidentally killed one of Crowfoot's daughters with a loaded gun. The man hid from Crowfoot who sought to kill him in retaliation in Stone Eye's teepee. Stone Eyes stressed to Crowfoot that the killing was an accident and gave Crowfoot some horses as added compensation. Though usually peaceful in settling disputes Stone Eyes resorted to violence when the well being of his family was threatened, a noted incident involved Stone Eyes shooting a fellow Indian for beating his blind brother with a whip. Through years of good leadership and his protective nature, as well as his kindness, Stone Eyes gained the title of not only Cheif, but "The Protector".                                      

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