Friday, August 19, 2016

"Real Wealth"

By David Lemon
Edition of 15
20.5 Inches Tall by 18 inches Wide and  8 Inches Deep

Pre-Cast Price $9,250 First Five Numbered Copies Only
Then the price goes up to $10,500 for numbers 6 to 10
Then the price will go to $11,500 for numbers 11 to 15
AP (Artist Proof) and FP (Foundry Proof) Copies will list at $10,500 each

Ole Charlie (Badger) Simmons went out west to make his fortune, trappin fur. Spent years wading in cold streams and ponds, setting Beaver traps, dogging arrows, and desperate days of cold and hunger. Money was good at first, but as the years went on, and Beaver became scarce, Ole Charlie Badger just trapped out of habit. Now it was fox and other exotic furs. He spent a winter with the Crow on the Yellowstone River. He needed a woman to do his cooking and such, so the chief sorta made it known his daughter was a good trade. Reluctantly he traded a couple of horses and some steel knives for a 17 year old female of that tribe. At first they had at tenuous partnership. She missed her people, and he wasn't used to someone being around him all the time. her cooking wasn't all that good either. As time went by, that first year, she started to settle into a routine, and Charlie started looking forward to seeing his young wife, after a day in the cold waters, and fly infested meadows. She'd made a special salve for the bug bites and Willow scratches on his legs and arms. He was seeing a value in her attention. Eventually as time went on, he built a cabin, and settled into a life of hunting, fishing, and just enjoying his days. They had a child, and it was then that Ole Badger realized, gold coins ain't all that's valuable.

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