Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Monumental Bronze - Veterans Legacy - In Ennis Montana


  1. Dear David, I was so touched when I saw this video, your sculpture dedicated to veterans and, while you were talking and talked about the writing of your work, and said "I aint dead yet" I could't hold my tears. Thank god you are still alive and we are able to watch your videos. I just came across your blog and watched most of the videos you have uploaded here. You are amazing, I have started to sculpt since 2009 because of a dream I saw. Being 55 and without an art education I sure do have lots to learn and I always loved when reading some sculptors sayings "Mr..... holded my hand" . And wished to meet someone that could explain me in detail. And now I found your blog as if talking to me with your videos. Thank you for uploading and teaching people your experience. My web site is www.equusculpture.com yet all of them are in clay and some not paired. Now I have them bronzed (phewwww that was a journey) will post them on the site as soon as I manage their Patinas. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to meet you some day.

  2. Sorry to take so dang long to reply to your amazing comment.. I just tried to go to your website and it didn't work out.. lol
    I don't get notices when I get comments.. I just happened to see this this morning. Thanks again.